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Easy ways to keep your hair looking its very best

Beauty-id’s Surefire Tips for Great Hair

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Few of us have hours to spend getting our hair just right every morning, but there are a few basics—from lifestyle choices to using the right products—that will give your hair the cared-for look it deserves!

  • The first golden rule is to eat right. A diet high in saturated fats and processed foods is not doing your hair any favors, or your body for that matter! Eat greens, nuts, berries, fresh fish and drink plenty of water on a regular basis.
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What Everybody Ought to Know about Pollution and Hair

Pollution and your hairUnless you live in a tiny village by the sea or in a tree house in the forest, chances are you’re exposed to pollution. Most of us are concerned (and rightly so) by the harm air pollution can inflict on our respiratory system, but it also takes its toll on our skin and hair. Scientists have gone so far as to claim that pollution has an active role in hair loss.
Dust, dirt and smoke settle onto the hair, causing it to get dirty faster. (Notice how you can skip a shampoo if you’re out in the countryside?) (more…)

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The Reality of Water’s Effect on Hair

water hairThe Water Effect
When you think of getting your hair wet, showering and swimming come to mind. But our hair also absorbs water when we exercise (through sweat), when we visit the sauna, hammam or spa (thanks to the steam) and, of course, when we get caught in a rainstorm and forget our umbrella! So what effect does this have on its wellbeing?
For one thing the hair shaft is permeable, which means it absorbs moisture and when it does it “swells”. In this moisture-laden state, our hair becomes more sensitive.
Add to this the fact that seawater and sweat contain their fair share of salt, which has a tendency to dry out the hair shaft. Chlorine, meanwhile, contains a mixture of chemicals and can be even harsher on your hair, not to mention the changes in color it can provoke on blonde hair. Excessive sweating takes the potential damage one step further, as in the long term it can lead to hair loss, but this is less frequent. (more…)

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Healthy Hair: Five Things to Avoid

What to do with my hair

There are lots of things you can do to maintain healthy hair. Here are 5 no-nos when it comes to keeping it in prime condition.