Little Known Facts about Genetics & Hair

Which of my hair traits are due to my DNA?

Common hair issues, such as baldness, hair loss, and hard-to-manage textures are often blamed on genetics: “I’m losing my hair because my mother lost hers…” is a classic. So which issues can be attributed to genetic factors?

Hair loss can be passed down from generation to generation, but not only from the mother’s side of the family as the old wives’ tale dictates. If one of your parents suffers from hair loss you might too, but if both parents do, you’ll have more chances of having trouble in that department. While hair loss can be due to your genes, there are also a lot of other factors that could set it off, such as stress or an unhealthy diet. Don’t automatically blame the family!

Hair color is another factor that doesn’t follow any hard and fast rule. It is known that the gene for dark hair is dominant over lighter hair, but a baby can inherit a variety of shades from mother and father. And what’s more, if one parent has a recessive color gene, and it links up with the other parent’s recessive gene, two black-haired parents could very well have a blonde-haired child. The red hair gene, meanwhile, is now believed to be dominant over the blonde counterpart.

Hair texture is also genetically programmed. If a mother and father pass down the curly-hair gene, the child will most often than not inherit curly locks and the same is true for straight hair. If one parent has curly hair and the other straight, then the offspring will have a combination of the two. Genetic researchers have not been able to crack the code when it comes to why some people experience their curly hair going straight or vice versa.

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    1. A little known fact is that “so-called” genetics cannot be entirely validated by “analysis” alone. It also requires “synthesis”! (i.e. the creative principal)

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