How often should I get my hair cut?

Photo: Rino Jasper

Photo: Rino Jasper

Are you one of those people that runs to the hair stylist religiously every four weeks, or are you more the type to let it go, and not step foot into a salon more than once a year? Well, let’s be honest, chances are the first kind of customer has better hair days than the second.
How often you need to get a cut if you want healthy and vibrant hair depends on your hair, your hairstyle, and of course, your budget.

  • Brittle and fragile hair types need more frequent salon visits than most. If this means you, go ahead and get a trim every four to six weeks or so. Take advantage of your visit to purchase a moisturizing treatment, or if you can’t afford salon treatments these days, pick up a stylist-recommended product for home-use.

  • Chemically treated and colored hair also needs more snipping more often, not to mention a color touch-up. Permed hair can open the door to split ends as well. Visit the salon at least every six to eight weeks if your hair falls into one or more of these categories.
  • Short or geometrical hairstyles need to be trimmed more often, say every four weeks. A short, defined or geometrical cut that is left alone for more than a few months will soon look messy and won’t do anything for your face. Of course this depends on how quickly your hair grows, but don’t let three months go by before booking an appointment at the salon.
  • Long hair needs less regular care (unless you have a sophisticated cut), but be on the lookout for split ends, especially if you tie your hair back a lot, as this can easily cause breakage. Visit your salon frequently.
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