Beauty-id’s Seven Simple Steps to Trimming Your Bangs

<p class="credit">Photo:©Rino Jasper for Beauty-id</p>

Photo:©Rino Jasper for Beauty-id

There's no need to run to your hairdresser every time your bangs look a little shaggy. Follow these simple steps and tame those unruly wisps at home.

  • Be sure to cut your bangs when your hair is completely dry—wet hair can appear longer than it actually is. Also only cut when your hair is freshly washed.
  • Always use sharp scissors meant for cutting hair. A dull pair can wreck a good cut or just be plain frustrating. Pick up a pair of professional scissors at any beauty supply store.
  • Pull back the hair you won't be cutting with a clip to better concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Brush out your bangs with a rounded brush if you have curly hair, or a flat brush for straight hair.

  • Twist your bangs into a single mesh in the center of your face above the bridge of your nose and snip the ends. Twisting the hair before cutting will give your bangs a wispy look.
  • Don't pull the hair down as you twist; just use enough pressure to keep the hair twisted.
  • Always cut moderately; it's best to trim too little and repeat than to lop off too much at once.

No matter how easy, some of us will be too scared to cut our own hair, even if it is just a trim. A good hairstylist will give clients a quick bang trim free-of-charge, and without an appointment.
When you first decide to go with a cut with bangs be sure to ask your stylist if he or she provides this service for free. To keep a cut looking fresh, trim your bangs about every four weeks.

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    68 Responses to “Beauty-id’s Seven Simple Steps to Trimming Your Bangs”
    1. Quote “A good hairstylist will give clients a quick trim free-of-charge”

      Unless you own your own shop, this is never gonna happen. I’ve been a professional for almost 25 years now. We have never done a trim for free ever. In fact a trim is a haircut. You just take a lesser amount off. And the recommend time between trims is 4-6 weeks. So, chances are if your bangs need cut, so do the rest of your hairs.

    2. My hairdresser cuts my bangs for no charge! I have always thought you were supposed to cut hair wet. Now I know and will definitely do it myself. Thanks for all your great hair tips!

    3. At our salon we encourage our clients to have “longish” bangs, which often necessitate a trim every few weeks. Although I agree that trimming bangs is not a free service in most salons, it is practiced in some, including ours, with great results.
      A quick trim takes just a couple of minutes and is something I can easily do between appointments. It’s a great way to connect with clients on a regular basis and can result in an impromptu product sale or a chance for the customer to book her next appointment.
      Thanks again for your feedback!

    4. Hairstylist Garren of the Garren New York salon says in the June 2009 Allure magazine issue “Fortunately, most stylists will give regular clients a free bang trim every few weeks” – you are not alone Claudie!

    5. [...] ear level is set off with strikingly bold short bangs. (See our post about how to successfully cut your own bangs). Another option is to have a two-in-one style—a bob with slightly tapered bangs that can be [...]

    6. I just cut my bangs by myself, and it works well! Thanks for the tip!

    7. Glad to hear it worked well for you!

    8. Just did this and i look like a hot tamale with bangs! thanks.

    9. Well…at the salon I go to, they never do it for free.
      BUT, I’ve seen this technique during a show (I sometime act as a hair model) and I’ve tried it on myself with great results.
      Just.. it was good when I had to cut a fringe out of long hair, but pretty hard to use for a trim.. ^^’

    10. I give free bang trims but not a full on trim ! Thats crazy we need to pay bills too !

    11. I’m so enjoying your website! You have terrific tips and tricks which to me, shows you passion for hair and doing what’s right for people…. Clearly, you have the confidence in your craft and savvy business skills to match!

    12. CAT in PA, I know what you mean. When my clients ask for a trim “just a little all over”, that doesn’t come free. I explain that it is charged as a regular haircut since it really is the same amount of work. A bangs trim, however, is always complimentary (no matter how often they need it between haircuts) because that really does only take a minute or two of my time. Also, I’d rather I do it properly for them than to have them screw it up.

      Some of my clients have asked me to teach them how to trim their own bangs and, after lots of practice with the clients, now I can completely trust them to cut it themselves.

      Good tip for everyone else: People tend to tilt their heads down when they are about to cut the bangs. Do not do that because your hair will end up a little shorter than expected. If you do have that habit, try to tilt your head up instead. You will be able to see more accurately how long or short you are cutting your bangs.

    13. My last three stylists, in three different states, over the past 7 years have all offered quick trim between haircuts. I see them around week three of my haircut and then pay again for an overall cut and style at six weeks. Not only does my hair look and feel great-all the time-consuming I spend more time chatting with the stylists. Yes, I buy product during most of those free trims. I feel closer to the stylists and feel like we make better style choices together because they know me. Plus, frankly with so much straightening going on my ends need the touch up.

    14. My hair stylists cuts my bangs for free likely because I have been a client of his for over 10 years. It only takes him a few minutes to do it and I have spent quite a bit of money there over the years ;) I’d prefer to do it myself though.. I’ll try this when they grow out a bit.

    15. I work for a corporation and I do bang trims complimentary!

    16. The tutorial says to “snip the ends at an angle,” but the picture looks as if the scissors are straight/blunt across. Which way should the angle go? For example, lower left to upper right? Does it depend upon the way I twist my hair?

    17. You said to cut it at an angle? In the picture it looks like she is holding the sizzors straight.

    18. i guess if you try this and it doesnt work your pretty much shit out of luck!

    19. Lol I ended up cutting more than I wanted but damn it looks great (I did pull my hair down as I twisted) Thank you for posting this :)

    20. My mom showed me how to cut my bangs like this when I was younger, and that is how I cut my bangs today I am 62 years young…

    21. For the love of hair I would discourage you from using this method! I’ve never, ever seen good results. Ever. I do free bang trims for my clients in between haircuts solely because I do not want them going at their own bangs at home. If they are not my client or a client of the salon’s, we charge 5$. If you can’t afford 5$ to have your bangs cut then you can’t affor to keep up a hairstyle anyway. Leave the cutting to the professionals.

    22. Most salons do bang touch ups for free, at least the ones I’ve been to. I am not afraid of cutting mine either. They grow back too quickly to be afraid

    23. When I went to beauty school we were taught to cut hair wet…we were also told if you cut dry you will wind up ripping the hair and ending up with split ends…i have always cut hair wet and have had my hair cut wet and never had a problem with split ends or damage…and I color my hair very often, sometimes switching from one drastic color to the next. I recently had my hair cut where it was mostly dry but damp and could “feel” the cuts…

    24. if I side part my bangs, is there a certain way I should twist them. I part my hair to the left of my head, so should I be twisting the hair away or towards that side?

    25. Cat in PA, Every Salon I’ve tried in the last 10 years in nyc gives complimentary bang trims between appointments, because bangs have to be trimmed before hair. Don’t assume just because this isn’t a service you don’t provide

    26. I am a “GOOD HAIRSTYLIST ” of 22yrs & I do give free bang trims to REGULAR, GOOD customers occasionally but ONLY if I have time. It is a business where you work by appointment just like @ a doctor’s office. So to tell people there stylist is not a “GOOD HAIRSTYLIST ” because they may not choose to operate like that or simply don’t have time to work a bang trim in (which most of the time turns into a longer appointment then a few seconds) is I find very offensive!

    27. gonna try this tonight im scared :/

    28. I’d like to see an after picture!

    29. Would love to see a before and after picture in this post… just sayin…

    30. I never cut my clients’ bangs when they are wet. The hair strands swell when wet and shrinks when it dries and shrinks even more with curly hair. If you have a cowlick, once your bangs do dry they may be uneven. For a different “piecey” look ask your stylist to layer your bangs :-)

    31. Cutting Ur own hair can B a double edged sword…..some people can pull it off & some just screw it up……cutter B ware…..I have worked in some salon’s that do free bang trims & not, either is correct. B safe & have Ur stylist do it if U Love Ur style….just to B safe (why ruin a great cut with bangs that look like U used a weed wacker on them….or like Ur 3 yr. Old did them while U were taking a nap on the couch…lol)
      Take care…..

    32. Wow. Never a free trim? My stylists offer them to keep repeat business. Good luck with your salon, as you have some serious competition.

    33. I read this too fast and did not realize the hair had to be completely dry. Still worked out but will see how it looks styled. Might be a little short. Will let you know. Oops

    34. @Cat Over the year I have had 4 hairdressers. I am very loyal to those who treat me well. I do move regularly though, thus I must change salons. In all 4 salons my hair dresser offered FREE BANG TRIMS BETWEEN CUTS. I’m hoping you misunderstood her statement, and thought she meant a full trim, not just a bang trim. Keep in mind all four of my salons were in different states Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California. This leads me to believe her statement as you quoted

      Quote “A good hairstylist will give clients a quick trim free-of-charge”

      If I pay 200 dollars +tip for a cut and need a bang trim in 4 weeks, and my girl wants to charge me for a full cut to “trim” my bangs you could bet that she wouldn’t be receiving my business any longer.

    35. I’m wondering if it matters which way you twist…do you twist a certain way if you part to the right versus the left?

    36. My hairdresser always trims bangs free and without an appt and is a chain! But thanks for the tips, I usually do it myself to save me the drive ;)

    37. when you said cut at an angle, what angle to do you mean? the picture shows cutting straight across. sorry for the dumb question, but wanted to double check before I snipped me some bangs hahaha

    38. In my salon we encourage clients to come in for bang trims at no charge. Customer service and it takes minutes.

    39. This was wonderful, actually i tried it on one of my clients and it turned out spectacular. Your website is so cool.

    40. Will this be straight bangs or kind if slanted?

    41. Glad to hear Ellie. Thank you for the comment!

    42. Slanted, the sides will be longer.

    43. Claudie was referring to holding the scissor at an angle but you may also cut it straight (horizontally) Good Luck!

    44. It doesn’t matter, just try to part in a perfect triangle shape.

    45. We meant a free bang trim in between cuts.

    46. The post was for full bangs only, no parts.

    47. :)

    48. You are absolutely correct, sorry.

    49. Hi Angel, there was a small error in the post, straight/blunt across is fine. Sorry.

    50. I was referring to bang trim only :)

    51. I was only referring to the bang trims.

    52. I’ve cut my bangs like this for years. I love it. Comes out perfect each time. Like she said don’t pull your hair down or you’ll end up with shorter bangs than you’ll like

    53. I have offered to trim some of my clients with short bangs for free. It takes between 30-45 seconds.
      I ALWAYS have them come in while I have a color sitting. It’s NEVER any inconvenience to me. They tip me, & are very appreciative ! Out of my all my clientele, 2 clients get a “free 30 second bang trim” in between real haircuts… Not a big deal

    54. I so badly wanted to try this but a few things held me back.
      First, I’m a chef so my hair is pulled back in a bun and hidden under my toque for 8 – 15 hours a day, so bangs can be too difficult to deal with sometimes. That being said, I have wavy hair that, at its longest point, reaches just shy of the small of my back, and my bangs themselves are nearly shoulder length. Luckily the last cut that I had was amazing and it’s all grown out blended nicely.
      Lastly, I have a very stubborn cowlick right beside my natural part that tends to ruin perfectly good styles, so I try to keep scissors far away from it.
      Maybe one day I’ll find some sort of middle ground (:

    55. I’d love to see during and after photos…
      I cut my hair in a large hair salon, and trim bangs are free too. (Canada)

    56. It’s crazy to expect a professional to work for free. It’s also insulting. If u have a stylist that u trust with your hair then, for Gods sake, pay them!!!!!!

    57. been a hair stylist for 25 plus years i do not charge my reg clients for a bang trim

    58. I have been a stylist for 10+ years and I have done MANY corrective cuts for my poor guests who decided to try this little trick on their own. I do not charge my guests if they pre-book while they are in the salon or receive another service at the time of the fringe trim. I think we have them trained to know that it is a perk that we allow them to come by and the little things have kept me booked solid my whole career. So, please, go to a salon and let a professional take care of you.

    59. I tried it and loved the results! Thanks for sharing this!

    60. Personally I would never go to a stylist who doesn’t offer free bang trims. It literally takes a few seconds and they know techniques that I can’t accomplish at home. I had been cutting my own bangs for years and crappy stylists couldn’t tell and said they looked great, then I switched to my current stylist and she knew immediately. She also tells me when she doesn’t think something will look good which I love because I have never been more happy with my hair since going to her.

    61. My stylist has always offered free bang trims. I do make an appointment, however, because she’s always in high demand. I just make another appt for 3-4 weeks before I leave each time. And I always give her a $5 for a tip. This is a pretty standard practice in the city I’m in.

    62. I have always cut my bangs myself with no problems. I can’t afford to go to the hairdresser every single time my bangs get too long then I would be going every 3 – 4 weeks and I just can’t afford that. Every penny counts when you are out of work.

    63. Can this technique work with the rest of your hair for a quick trim of dead ends?

    64. Great question Sarah. I will have something up in a future post that shows the same technique applied to a cut.

    65. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about bangs. Regards

    66. My stylist always cuts my bangs for free and I can just pop in however, I do call & make sure he’s not crazy. I do know if you’re not a regular client, he only charges $5 for a quick bang trim.

    67. I just tried this & it worked great. I have trouble cutting straight, so for me this is a perfect way to cut my bangs. Thanks!

    68. My bangs was getting so long. I was getting ready to go my hair salon to have them cut. I am so glad that I found your site. I did the Seven Simple Steps to Trimming Your Bangs, my bangs look great. It works!

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